The Vigo County Sheriff's Office Reserve Division has been serving the citizens of Vigo County since 1979. It is comprised of volunteers who are sworn officers empowered by the Sheriff of Vigo County to help preserve law and order. A Reserve Deputy is qualified to perform patrol duties and possesses full law enforcement authority.

The Division is authorized to have up to thirty (30) Reserve Deputies. These deputies are typically assigned to the Patrol Division; however deputies possessing special skills may be assigned to other areas. Road Qualified Reserve will also provide court security, work security/traffic at special events, or other special assignments as designated by the Sheriff as needed. 

To be a Reserve Deputy, an individual must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid Indiana drivers license, no criminal record (Minor traffic violations are exempt), and be a resident of Vigo  County and/or surrounding counties. Candidates must pass a background investigation, consisting of criminal, credit, and character evaluations as well as pass a psychological and medical exam, drug testing, physical fitness assessment (Accordance to the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) fitness test standards) and an interview.  All Reserve Deputies must complete training as required by the VCSO. Training is  provided by Field Training Officers (FTO) accredited and certified in particular areas of law enforcement by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA). Training generally consists of working the equivalent of 72 8-hour shifts under the supervision of a certified FTO.  After cerfication by the FTO and with the approval of the FTO Liaison, Division Commander, and the Sheriff, the Reserve Officer is considered a "Road Qualified Reserve Deputy who is expected to perform the same duties with the same professionalism as a Merit Officer and continue all mandatory training throughout the year.

A Reserve Deputy is expected to work a minimum of three (3) - 8 hour shifts on the road a month.  The Reserve Division has a mandatory meeting on the 1st Tuesday  of every month scheduled from 6 pm to 9 pm for state mandated training. All Officers must be able to attend these meetings.  

While the investment in time and effort on the part of a Reserve Officer is great, the benefits gained in self-image, enhanced ability to deal with diverse people and situations, and increased awareness of community are well worth the sacrifice. The VCSO Reserve Division is invaluable to the operation of the Sheriff's Office. The officers provide extra manpower when needed, assist on special details, and enhance the ability of the Sheriff's Office to provide the best service possible to the Citizens of Vigo County. We are very proud of this Division and the contribution it gives to the community.

Interested in applying? Please contact the Sheriff's Office for an application.